Scott S
Thursday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Charlie’s Angels in quiz heaven

Well ...Where did that week go because here we are again at the world-famous Arab Boy public house in downtown Putney for what can only be described as the legendary Thursday night quiz night... tonight there was one clear winner which was Charlies angels they took the £50 bar tab and more importantly also learnt that it is true that Abraham Lincoln’s dog Fido was also assassinated just like his master.... 🐶🔫😥

Hannah E
Thursday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

‘Is Everything in This Pub a Curtain?’

The Clapton Hart is fully prepped for Halloween already and looking extra spooky. Over in the back room we quizzers gathered together to shout questions and answers at each other until we got tired. Big prizes were won this week, a £40 bar tab and a bottle of wine. The cash prize rolls over again this week and will be £126 next week 💰💰

Christopher W
Thursday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

They’re back on top baby!

Back to full strength and back on top it’s a The Barflies who take home the top prize of that £50 bar tab! Second place for the bottle of wine and very impressive with half the team size were 40 Love who keep getting better week by week. We move into our Jackpot round where our last place team Scrum-bled Eggchasers very impressively guessed exactly how fast a plane travels!! Playing for £160 they just lost out on our Play Your Cards Right round so it rolls over again to next week!! Come and play for...

Steven J
Thursday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Boats and Hoes

It was a return to the battlefield for the Hoes Under the Hammer who came storming into first place with a 32 pointer. It was No Place to Go going solo into the jackpot whose card playing abilities couldn't quite match his knowledge of aircraft flight speeds. It was a rainy and quieter quiz than normal tonight but we hope to be sunny and back to full force for next week's quiz down at the Depot.

William M
Thursday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Prizes galore for those perfect Plough Teams

A great gang of quizzes descended on The Plough tonight to battle it out for wine, biscuits and lots and lots of lovely cash. No Sex for Ben might not have got nookie but did get a drink as did Elvis, so just as well he didn’t leave the building. No Babysitter sat it out to get the biscuits, while The Old Git (s) was cheered up by a bottle of wine. And Not Ready Already went home richer after winning first place, but not as rich as jackpot winners Brain! Thanks for looking after me...

Daniel C
Thursday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Jack pot winner at last

There was an immense amount of friendly rivalry between teams quiz on my face and quixlamic state with both coming away with something, they were both tied for the bottle of wine prize with quizlamic state eventually getting the wine after 2 closest too questions but their rivals were tonight’s big winner as they were the first team to spin the wheel of fortune and only went and won our £300 jackpot at the first attempt- but don’t worry everyone as it has been a while since our last winner there is still plenty of cash...

Elliot F
Thursday Oct 17 @ 8 pm


All five teams at the Golden Lion has their thinking caps on. And they would certainly need them. From Shakespeare to Sia, the Caribbean to the Red Sea, this was a genre hopping globetrotting night. But well done to our winning team, KPR, who led all the way through tonight and claimed the £50 bar tab. The jackpot prize, however, rolls over to next week!

Monica N
Thursday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

I'm sorry, I haven't a Clue(less)

The Italian Job hosted seven teams last night for their Thursday quiz, pitting new teams against old, Britons vs Australians, and united all in admiration of a particularly charming baby. Tapped won the creative round 'Predict the three top news headlines from 2039' with their beautifully illustrated, politically charged entry, and Random Team won the second to last prize. But it was team Clueless who defied nominative determinism and came out on top. The jackpot tiebreaker was so close it needed a second tiebreaker, but was ultimately not won, so will carry over to next week...

Stephanie L
Thursday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Just the 2 of us....

'Just 2' proved tonight that more team members are not always an advantage, by claiming the first prize at their very first The Italian Job quiz.. Regular players 'Zion Dragons of Death' got the chance to play the Jackpot tonight, but unfortunately luck wasn't on their side this time, which means the £250 is still up for grabs next week. See you there!

Nora J
Thursday Oct 17 @ 7 pm

Andy's Angels jumped on the goalpole..

..just like Super Mario does. Although they didn't know that specific answer, in the end they won by 1 point. Last week's winners "Thomas the wank engine" came 2nd, won 1 free drink..and knew the jackpot question..well done. The bottle of wine again went to the team who won it last rebranded from 2nd last to "Last". 2nd free drink for knowing who the 5th Beatle were went to "Vladi's Lads and Jaz". While " The Devil's Doorbelles" were fair players, "Charlie Ratchford" tried everything to convince me they came 5th. Sure guys, you came...

Iain S
Thursday Oct 17 @ 7 pm

Jackpot Joy!

Yes, the jackpot, a tidy £75 cash, went to Quizsterious Girls who were only 4mph out in the 'nearest to' question on the cruising speed of an Airbus A380 (560mph). Must be all those holiday flights... Overall honours went to The Unofficial Nigels but only by 2.5 points. A magnificent performance from our single player Onward Quiztian Soldiers who at the halfway stage was in 2nd place. Coolest team name goes to our runners-up, John Triviolta!

Benny A
Thursday Oct 17 @ 7 pm

Answering Prayers

We're all about answering prayers at the Gipsy Hill Taproom, in fact, we've been answering them for well over a year now. We've given away over one and half grand in bartabs, hundreds in jackpot winnings, and too many free beers to count. This week it was team "Plug and Pray"'s turn to hit the jackpot big time, winning themselves a cool £50 in cash. Meanwhile team "Stand Up Margaret", formerly known as "Throbbing Members" finally clocked themselves another quiz win. Well done guys!!

Nick H
Thursday Oct 17 @ 7 pm

There's nothing for a pair, not in this game!

As dear old Bruce Forsyth would say. That said, team "S.T.P" very nearly cleaned up this this evening, having already won the quiz and the £50 bar tab first prize, they also won the opportunity to Play Your Cards Right for the £73 Jackpot cash prize. They started with a King, went lower and got an Ace, went higher and got a Queen and so on until the last card. With a Six face up they went higher ………….. and got a six!! Hence the Brucie quote. The delightful and well behaved Bonnie was once again...

Keanan L
Thursday Oct 17 @ 7 pm

Biggest quiz ever! Then the Jackpot was won!!!

Talk about a night to remember. We all had an insanely great time tonight, tension at all the right moments, cheers at all the right questions. Big Fact Hunt Returns grabbed the gold medal and earned that bar tab. We're Fkin worth it had lost all hope in their eyes, but I put my money on them to win the free bottle of wine, which they did! The quizzy on top is that the huge jackpot of £249 was pinched up by Juicy Pair, what a juicy way to end the night.

Chris R
Wednesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

It was another jackpot special this week at the Railway with the £200 being claimed again for two weeks running! This week's lucky stars were Knowledge is Porridge coming a close second in the quiz, but winning the tie-break jackpot question after guessing the same answer as PotDutBag for the number of stones visible at Stonehenge (both woefully inaccurate but less wrong than the rest of the teams!). The Play your Cards Right started and finished on a tricky seven, but they guessed correctly and went home richer and happy. The quiz winners were the indomitable...

Steven J
Wednesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

Raiders of the Lost Sark

There were 4 teams joint bottom this evening left lost for words and looking for their inner Sark. It was a tough quiz but the combined forces of The Table Dancing Goons was more than enough to see them flying into victory. We were packed to the rafters tonight and with a malfunctioning mic I ended up running up to the rafters more than my fair share. Join us next week to see how good my calves will look after that work out.

Daniel C
Wednesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

Close to a double winning night for Slug Life

Slug life had a 1 point lead at the half and after a strong showing in the second half they stormed into top place tonight on 41 points to win our top prize of a £50 bar tab, it was so close to being a double winning night as they got our closest too question to enter our bar mat challenge for the chance to win tonight’s cash jackpot, it was a 1 one 6 chance which unfortunately they couldn’t convert but the good news is for everyone else is that when the quiz restarts in...

Oliver W
Wednesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

Bionic dog clinches the win

A very close quiz between 2 teams tonight at the Nightingale in Balham. We had to run a tie breaker with team “Name” and “Bionic Dog” scoring very impressive scores of 38. “Bionic Dog” won the tie breaker and took the bar tab, but “Name” didn’t go away empty handed - they won their wine and also the chance to win the jackpot tonight, but missed out and won some nuts instead. The Jackpot rolls over to next week!

Milo S
Wednesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

Sky high

Cracking scenes this week at the Bobbin quiz. A good turnout saw the place filled and competition was fierce. It was all up for grabs at the halfway point without a clear leader but as the final questions of the second half slid by, team Claire In The Sky just snagged the lead with some clear-headed thinking and solid trivia knowledge.

Mike K
Wednesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

Newbies nab it

Newbies were tonight's overall British Queen Quiz champions, despite missing out to Going for the turkey in a close run first quiz. The turkeys took that one by a point from a three way tie in second place between Newbies, The novices and Dodgy company. Newbies upped their game however to take the second by three points from The novices and Dodgy company once again. 3 musketeers and made up the six team challenge on another fun night down in Locksbottom.

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